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Production of welding equipment

Iskra Varjenje d.o.o.

Experience with welding machines.

Iskra Varjenje, d.o.o. has been an independent company since 1990 and continues the tradition of producing welding equipment under registered ISKRAVAR brand name. At the same time we supply quality welding products from renowned companies (HBS, CEPRO, Aer Service, Fronius) in Slovenian market

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Our products

Professional welding equipment

MIG MAG welding machines

MIG - Metal Inert Gas and MAG - Metal Active Gas welding machines are designed for arc welding with shielding gas: CO2, ArCO2 or pure argon.

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Adding material

Iskravar original welding material line is the result of years of tests and search for optimal welds with coated electrodes as well as welding wire.

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TIG welding machines

With Tungsten Inert Gas welding machines the electric arc is ignited between tungsten electrode and welding material. This very precise arc melts and binds the welding material. A weld is created.

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Torches and accessories

During welding or cutting, the most stressed parts wear out. It is particularly important to work with contact nozzles, gas nozzles, cutting nozzles and electrodes - parts that are in direct contact with electric arc.

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Air plasma cutting devices

Machines for plasma cutting melt the metal with electric arc, while at the same time compressed air blows it away. Metal is partially burnt in the process.

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Protective equipment

For safe and successful welding, the welder must have quality protective equipment: Welding mask, electronic, with air filter, protective gloves, welding apron, ...

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MMA machines

Manual arc welding of coated electrodes is useful in the widest variety of applications. From the smallest, portable, for home use to heavy-duty appliances in industry with highly specific electrode coating.

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Latest products

Authorised reseller for

Iskra Varjenje

is a distributor of welding equipment and accessories by renowned manufacturers in Slovenia. We offer screws, plugs, insulation anchors, protective materials, curtains, exhaust systems and other HBS products; CEPRO and AER SERVICE.

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  • Because they are easy to use and service
  • Because it is a safe investment in reliable machinery
  • Because of competitive prices for quality products
  • Because of decades of experience with welding machine production
  • Because our machines are made to last
  • Because we offer a wide range of machines and accessories
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